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Meta Maya Environmental (MME) specialise in the assessment, monitoring, management, and remediation of Asbestos and Hazardous Materials. MME Provides the following Services: NATA accredited Air Monitoring NATA accredited Bulk Fibre Identification NATA accredited Asbestos in Soils Identification NATA endorsed Test Certificates (Air Monitoring and Fibre ID) Removal Clearance Certificates Asbestos Clearance Inspections, Building Surveys, Management and Refurbishment/Pre-Demolition surveys, Re-inspection Surveys, Asbestos Registers, Asbestos Management Plans, Hazardous Materials Registers and Hazardous Materials Management Plans. Silica Dust identification and monitoring Licensed Asbestos Assessors Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) Asbestos Removal Control Plans (ARCPs) Removal and Management Specifications Due Diligence Reports Asbestos Removal Project Management On-site Laboratory set up Reinstatement supervision Contaminated Site Assessment Management of asbestos in soil Waste classification and disposal Detailed remediation methods Mine site remediation Asbestos exposure assessment Expert witnessing Corporate asset management Asbestos training and supervision National and international response Emergency response 24/7 Asbestos Inspections and Hazmat Services Meta Maya Environmental Pty. Ltd. (MME) are experienced Asbestos Inspection Consultants and Hazmat Service providers with over 100 years of combined industry experience, we pride ourselves on providing professional, structured services that are client-specific and tailored to the job at hand. For occupied spaces MME offer management plans that include testing, inspections and ongoing air monitoring to negate the risk of exposure before, during and after the health risk has been removed. Accredited NATA Laboratory We also have an in-house accredited NATA laboratory delivering accurate results fast. MME will manage your project from the initial scoping of the works required, right through to completing all paperwork and clearance certification required by the relevant government authorities. Asbestos Inspection Consultancy Studies have confirmed that airborne asbestos fibres are a hazardous substance in cases of regular exposure. However, the common use of asbestos as a building material until the mid to late 1990s means that this harmful substance is still likely to be encountered in many buildings that were constructed or renovated prior to this time. Identifying asbestos can be difficult, as many common building products may contain various amounts of the substance. Additionally, it can also be highly dangerous to eliminate and requires accredited professionals to remove and dispose of the materials correctly. The key to MME success is our 'client focused' service working to find a solution that works for you. Our team ensure any removal undertaken is done so by qualified, experienced and properly insured removalists suited to the scope of works. Licenced Asbestos Inspection Consultants MME has experienced Licensed Asbestos Inspection Assessors that can handle all aspects of asbestos testing, inspections and asbestos project management. Overseeing your entire project ensuring it adheres to strict guidelines surrounding the correct identification and management of asbestos to successfully deliver your asbestos removal/ management project. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that is extracted as fibres and added to products or other materials, in order to add fire-proofed or insulating qualities; it used to be favoured because of its durability but is no longer used. It commonly looks like insulation, though it can take other forms. It’s usually used in fireproofing materials, in insulation (heat and sound), and roofing and flooring materials. It can sometimes be found in older automotive parts. However, it is no longer being produced, as it can cause health issues. Asbestos itself can be carcinogenic: fibres can come off of disturbed asbestos materials, and these can be inhaled and remain in the lungs forever. These fibres can cause health problems later in life, such as lung scarring, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. However, these typically only occur after prolonged exposure, so while avoidable interactions are not healthy, if asbestos is properly managed the health risks may be avoided. If asbestos is somewhere where it’s likely to be disturbed, by remodelling or household activity, it is safer to remove it, so dust and fibres are not stirred up. However, it can be safer to leave asbestos where it is, depending on the situation, than it would be to remove it. An example of this would be if there is asbestos in a house’s crawlspace, or similar, as insulation. It can also be more cost-effective. Because of this potential option, Asbestos Registers are needed. Asbestos registers maintain records of where and how much asbestos is in a property and ensures educated management of the property. Asbestos Testing Meta Maya Environmental Pty. Ltd. has over 90 years of combined industry experience in environmental and occupational consultancy and pride themselves on providing professional structured asbestos testing in Perth, these Asbestos testing services are client-specific. For occupied spaces MME offer asbestos management plans that include asbestos inspections, asbestos testing and continued asbestos air monitoring to negate the risk of exposure after a substance has been removed. Asbestos Testing and Removal Surveys Management surveys for occupied spaces - An assessment of the building and location to determine the risk causes by asbestos substances during normal occupation. This survey includes the assessment of disturbance possibilities caused by normal occupation, the condition of the material containing asbestos, the potential for releasing airborne fibres and a specifically designed management plan. Refurbishment or demolition surveys - A mandatory assessment before any work is done to the building. This survey identifies the extent of asbestos substances in the work area, and plan the safe removal before demolition. This option can be exceptionally exhaustive and requires the building to be unoccupied to be completely safe and effective. All asbestos-containing material found in an inspection will be included on the asbestos register, this includes information regarding location, description, extent, condition, friability, overall risk and recommended action. We can develop and manage an asbestos testing and removal plan to suit you while limiting interruption and minimising risk. Find out more about Asbestos Sampling HERE Asbestos Registers The Asbestos Register documents all asbestos on site, it contains the following information: Location of ACM's Description of ACM's Product Type Extent of ACM's Type of Identified Asbestos Condition of ACM's (Friable or Bonded) Disturbance Potential/AccessibilityRisk Status Labelling Inspection Date Recommended Action and Reference (photographs) Completing an asbestos register like this allows you to put in place a necessary management plan that ensures both you and others around you remain safe and not at risk of exposure. Asbestos Exposure Monitoring Exposure monitoring involves determining an individual’s risk against the national exposure standard to the amount of airborne asbestos within the breathing zone in which they operate, this consists of taking samples by attaching a filter either on to the person or locating it within their workable zone. The filter will then catch any airborne particles which will then be taken back to the lab for analysis. MARINE SURVEYS Why have a professional Marine Asbestos Survey? Materials containing asbestos were used within the marine industry for over 65 years, hence many vessels used today still contain asbestos. To minimise the potential risks asbestos poses to personnel on board and the vessels surrounding eco system, it is critical that proper asbestos checks are performed on all vessels. The International Maritime Organisation and governments the world over require vessels to have certified inspections and keep records of the necessary paperwork, to ensure the potential risk of contaminated vessels entering ports do not harm either the vessels crew or the workers within the shipping yards . What is a Marine Asbestos Survey? The survey involves a comprehensive assessment of the ship, as any oversight could potentially result in fatalities down the track. Asbestos surveys are conducted by MME trained professional surveyors and determine if any vessel, or its equipment on board, contain the hazardous material. If asbestos is found, it can then be determined if and how the material can be safely removed or managed. Not only is asbestos dangerous to humans, but the asbestos used in the marine industry can also greatly affect the fragile marine eco system, for this reason when dealing with asbestos there is certainly no room for error or negligence. How can Meta Maya Environmental help? MME has a trained team of maritime specialists who can offer experience and knowledge in this critical area and are available to perform offshore inspections. Once a survey has been conducted a comprehensive asbestos register is compiled along with a management plan that can then be implemented. Australian Work, Health and Safety legislation is regulated and enforced in all the states and territories within all businesses having an obligation to protect their employees from potential harm. MME can assist in an effort to minimise or eliminate any potential risks to you, your personnel and the surrounding environment by offering 'quality within value' with comprehensive surveys at affordable prices. HAZMAT MANAGEMENT PLANS Hazardous Materials Management Plans HAZMAT Management Plans are required under the legislation to be developed and implemented, and regularly reviewed to eliminate or control the risk of exposure. Where other hazardous building materials are identified an Asbestos Management Plan can also be developed as part of a Hazardous Materials Management Plan to manage and control exposure to all hazardous building materials identified. Contents of management plan include: Asbestos and hazardous materials register Risk assessments Training records and procedures Locations for the display of warning signs and labels Procedures for dealing with incidents or emergencies involving asbestos Timetable for managing risks, reviews and inspections Responsible personnel Procedures, including a timetable for reviewing and revising the asbestos management plan and the asbestos register Procedures for handling or coming into contact with asbestos
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